Dental Implants

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This is a modern solution to loss of one or more teeth.

Artificial dental roots are small surgical titanium elements that, upon being introduced into a jaw, become its integral part. Artificial dental roots ensure stable support for one or more teeth. Teeth built on the basis of artificial roots or implants will be identical to your natural teeth and feel completely natural in your mouth.




Dental screw implant

A dental screw implant is small screws replacing the root of an absent tooth. It is driven into the jaw. After 3-6 months from implantation the implant grows into the jaw and is used as a foundation for restoration of the tooth’s crown. Implants can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. Implants can also anchor a plate or bridge denture.



A successfully introduced and appropriately maintained dental implant raises no discomfort when eating or talking. It will let you forget your previous problems and will serve you for many years as your own tooth.

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